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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When a Friend Moves Away #Aspergers

On my Aspergers Mom page on Facebook a friend asked:

"Help! My sons neighborhood friend came over yesterday. He told us he moved and he just came to say good bye. I'm so stressed thinking what today and the next 2 weeks will bring. My aspie does not do well with change! This is his best friend! They are together EVERYDAY. Any advice? I know in life "things" happen so I'm going to use this as an experience. I just hope we can maintain a calmness of some sort."

Ohhh, my heart just fell for him.  I know how hard it is sometimes to just make a good friend where they'll accept you for who you are. Especially for Aspergers kids.  My thoughts quickly went back to when Chaz was in Kindergarten and he finally found a good friend.  This boy was not Aspergers but he was very mature for his age.  He also had lots of patience.  I never saw him get upset with Chaz and whenever my son was around him, I saw the calming affect he had.

Taking Chaz's friend with us to Science Center (far left)

My response to the question on Facebook:
Is it too late to get his information of where he moved? I know how you feel. My son finally found a friend who was our neighbor. They got along fantastic. Chaz still has never found a friend like that since where they could hang out all the time and just really connected. Chaz was broken hearted. The next best thing I did was ask for the boy's new address so Chaz could write him and maybe even call. Also, we made sure to invite him for birthdays. Once we even drove far to pick up Chaz's friend and took him to the Science Center with us. If your child's friend is moving too far, writing a phone calls could really help. :)  Sometimes Chaz has even been able to use Skype to have video conversations and loves to show his new toys.  

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