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Thursday, May 20, 2010

School Next Year

I have been homeschooling Chaz and my other kids but Charles and I came to a decision that it might be better to give Chaz another chance to be in a regular classroom.  However, he'll still be pulled out in a special class during Math and Language Arts.  I'm just crossing my fingers that all goes well and I won't be called in everyday to school for behavior issues.  He is struggling with homeschooling and tends to throw his hands up a lot in giving up.  I have to really push him the whole time.  We'll see what happens! 

P.S. The picture is of Chaz doing a demonstration with other kids during children's church.  Chaz is in the black shirt. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chaz's Last Disappointing Game

Chaz played his last game.  It was definitely a disappointing season.  First off, it was really, really unorganized.  We were told from the beginning that the Y couldn't find a coach.  I kept calling to find out when Chaz's first practice was.  I was told to wait and they would call me.  Finally, after 2 weeks had passed since they should have started, I was told they had already had practices and even had a game!  What?  You have to understand (and some of you do) that every day, my Asperger son was pacing with his ball under his arm and wearing his uniform around the house.  Serious obsession.  It is not fun telling a boy who has an easily obsessed mind that once again you have not heard anything.  Then I was told that we only have a coach for practices but no coach for the games.  Finally he gets to a practice and gets to play.  I was never called.  I had to keep calling and if I hadn't of, we would have missed the whole (short) season.  In fact, almost every week there was some sort of mixup with where they were playing and what time. Only once was the schedule correct.  I even had someone call me to change the information, only to give me wrong info again.  All in all, Chaz played 3 games and had to be so late to one that he only played 5 minutes because of the mixups.  So this leads to my next part of the story....

Since we had no coach for the games, a mom took over since she knew a lot about basketball.  I was made to be assistant for when they can't get there.  I signed up Chaz for a recreational version being that he knew NOTHING about basketball whatsoever and I wanted it to be low pressure so he wouldn't panic.  The mom turned out to be very competitive and only cared about winning.  She had her two sons on the team.  They were very experienced so I'm not sure why they were on the beginners.  She played the game as if it was for the championship.  She wouldn't give equal time to the kids and would only keep the most experienced kids in.  Or at least the ones that were very good.  Since Chaz was forced to start late and could hardly have any learning time, he was put on the bench a lot.  In fact, some games, he literally played a total of 7 minutes.  If he was lucky 10 minutes.  Her sons however, would play the entire game and were rarely ever sat down.  It was about winning and that's what mattered.  Never mind that this team was designed to be only recreational in order to learn the game.  All kids were meant to get equal playing time in order understand the game.  They have another team meant to be competitive for that age.  Just not this particular one. 

Whenever we would try to call to get current info, we'd either get voicemails or mixed up information.  I cannot afford another season right now.  To top it off, my membership just expired so if I want to put him back him, I'd have to pay double the price.  That is not possible for us being that my husband can only find part time work.

Being that we had to drive very far for practices and for games, this season was very frustrating and very disappointing all in all.  Especially for Chaz because he's looked forward to doing this for years.  It took awhile for me to see that he was ready.  

The last game he had he was only allowed to play 5 minutes.  Since Chaz has very obsessive behavior, he couldn't put his drink down.  He was obsessed with the bottle and I know what was going on in his mind.  Charles and I were watching him to see what he was doing.  When he is upset, or embarrassed, he will lose himself into something.  He couldn't put the drink down and just kept staring into the bottle, taking drinks and then looking at it again.  He was obsessed with his hands also.  I knew he was upset and was feeling rejected.  Kids in general struggle with that but especially with Asperger kids. 

Here is the topper.

The info on the site said this was the very last game.  I even called to confirm it.  Yes, it's the last game.  Okay.  So the next week I check my messages and come to find out, there WAS another game. Someone actually called to leave a message (that never happened before) to let me know at the very, very last minute.  Which is why I didn't get it.  So he misses the actual last game.  Again.  He missed so many games because of poor information. 

How do parents put their kids in sports?  Especially if they have more than 2 kids?  I can't imagine.  This put so much pressure on our family because of all the mixups that I can't imagine what it would have been like to of had the rest of my kids in sports the same season. 

Has anyone else ever had this experience?
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