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What is Aspergers?

What is Asperger syndrome?

Asperger syndromeChildren with Asperger syndrome can think well and learn about lots of things as easily as other children, but they have problems:
  • when they try to communicate with others
  • with social skills
  • with their behaviour.
Asperger syndrome is sometimes called an 'Autism spectrum disorder' because in some ways it is a bit like autism.

People all the time ask me, "Well exactly are the signs of Aspergers Syndrome?"
Here is a basic list.
Signs and symptoms
A "syndrome" is a pattern of signs and symptoms that doctors can see in many different people. Here is a list of symptoms of Asperger Syndrome.Not every person with Asperger Syndrome has every symptom.

People with Asperger Syndrome:
  • may be sensitive to touch or loud noise
  • may be clumsy when walking and/or playing sports
  • may have trouble understanding other people's emotions.
  • may have trouble recognizing facial expressions.
  • may have trouble understanding when someone is joking or using language that is not accurate in meaning.
  • may often have a loud voice, a very quiet voice, or a voice that does not express emotion (a "monotonous" voice)
  • often do not like changes in school, work, and home life routines
  • may learn to speak very early or very late
  • often learn to read very early or very late
  • may have trouble making friends
  • may have trouble understanding what other people are thinking
  • are often bullied in school
  • as children, might look shorter and younger than the average for their age
  • often have extremely good memory
  • often have a strong interest or hobby such as a computer game, sport statistics, or a TV show
  • may have difficulty understanding or not be interested in pretend play
  • may move in repetitive ways
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