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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Aspergers Child Gave Me My Wings

I talked with Chaz's bus driver yesterday and he is just really hating the bus. The kids all beg him for his ear muffs and he gets pressured out of them.  Cheryl goes out of her way to bring a DVD player for Chaz so he can keep occupied on the bus.  She is just amazing and we're so grateful for her.  She's always keeps communication with me so we can figure out what will work for him.

Back when we got a new bus driver, I was dealing with a lot with Chaz.  Yes, we had now found a great school but now Chaz was getting kicked off the bus again.  The bus is incredibly loud and Chaz would go haywire.  Even hanging out of the window, crawling under the seats, screaming at the top of his lungs while covering his ears.  When a new bus driver pulled up one day I thought, "Oh great, I have to start all over explaining things."

Till I saw her wings.  She was my driver with angel wings.  All I had to say was "Chaz has Aspergers Syndrome" and her response was "So do 2 of my sons."

What?? I know my mouth dropped open.  She assured me she understood and would work with him.  Since then she has done whatever it takes to protect him, keep him happy, all while bringing him home safely.

What do I mean when I say angel wings?  When someone goes out of their way to work with your Aspergers child, keep communication with you, stays positive, and has results....they are like a guardian angel.  Chaz flourishes because of angels like these.

Seriously, I've thought of having those shirts made that have angel wings printed on the back and something that says,

 "An Aspergers child gave me my wings."


Accidental Expert said...

They don't come around very often, but when they do they are truly angels. I remember once my son had an epic meltdown at Target. I told the checkout lady he had autism and she seemed to get it right away, calming him down and saving the day.

Glad you found your angel.

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi! Thank you for leaving a comment. :D

That must have been wonderful for that Target employee to do that. It's such a relief when that happens.

sharonbfuentes said...

Oh you should make up buttons at least that say that! I have a few angels I would give them too who have helped my 10 year old Aspie boy as well. It just melts my heart when someone like that comes along. Thank goodness for your Bus Driver Angel!

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