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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do Video Games Worsen Symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome?

I know video games in general can be an obsession with kids.  I was doing a little research on the subject. One site said there wasn't a link with Aspergers.  Another site did mention something really interesting.  This is what they said.

Unhealthy Addiction?
The more time a person spends playing video games, researchers found, the more likely they are to show three specific traits usually associated with Asperger's syndrome: neuroticism and a lack of extraversion and agreeableness.  Read more....

How much is too much for any kid?  Aspergers kids?  I do notice Chaz is extremely emotional when he plays too much video games. It is hard in the summer here because it gets so incredibly hot that it's unsafe to play outside.  That means we get stuck indoors quite a lot.  My kids tend to drift towards the video game rooms more than anything else.

2 questions I have:

  • Do you think video games worsen the symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome?

  • Have you created any sort of schedule for you child on how often he/she plays?  Do you let them just play whenever?

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Gavin Bollard said...

1. Do I think that Video games worsen Aspergers symptoms...

No... but some of the more visible parts of aspergers (the social issues) can be reduced by constant practice. If videogames reduce the need to socialise, then they reduce that practice.

Does sailing worsen a person's ball skills? No. Does lack of practice playing soccer or basketball (because you're out sailing instead) mean that you'll have less developed ball skills than others - yes.

2. Have I developed a Schedule for my kids?
No. I expect them to self-manage but I suspect that I'll find myself setting a schedule in the near future. They're spending way too much time on computers.

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