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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Regular Guy Book Review & Giveaway

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A Regular Guy
A Family's Story of Love and Acceptance
By Laura Shumaker

I'm so in love with the book for so many reasons.  Let me count the ways.

Laura captured my heart by her truthfulness, of her feelings and thoughts rather than sugar coating it.  She talks of her longing to become a mother, how she met her husband, and starting her family.  As a first time mother she shares about things that puzzled her but just figured Matthew did things his own way.  She first started to notice a some differences while taking Matthew to playgroups.  The stares and whispers.  If you've ever had a child that doesn't follow "the norm" you can understand how that hurts.  

Laura walks you mentally through her days where even just going to the grocery store can be a challenge and sometimes an embarrassment.  You know that feeling of always having to explain the situation?  We take advantage of the hum drum of running errands, or slipping into a pew at church on a regular basis, going to the store, having friends over for coffee. What is it like for someone raising an Autistic child where you never know what might just happen next?

With Matthews beautiful blonde hair and Laura's stories of his toddler years, Matthew grew on my heart quickly.  When Laura shared her heartaches, I cried.  When she told of her worries and about her forks in the road, I worried with her.  When she shared his funny sayings, I laughed out loud.  I blushed right with her when she talked of his brutal honesty towards others.  

Excerpt from book:

Do you want me to come in with you while you get your haircut?

"No," replied my 19-year-old son Matthew. "I want him to think I drove here by myself."

When I suggest that he remove the junior sheriff sticker from his t-shirt before he goes in, he refuses.

"I want him to think I take care of bad guys."

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This book is well written and easy to follow.  In fact, you probably won't be able to put it down!  If you don't have an Autistic child but would like to understand more, this book is an eye opener.  I loved reading this book from cover to cover.

I'm taking part in the BoB Biggest Book Review and Giveaway Ever!  More details will follow here soon!

In fact, Laura is giving away a copy of this book!  All you have to do is be a follower of this blog through Google or subscribe via email and leave me a comment to let me know.  

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Michele said...

am a follower of your blog and would love to read this book thanks

malinda said...

I am a follower and always look for a book to help me understand my 9.5yr Aspie

malmort01 at optonline net

MommyKuehner said...

I just discovered your blog through a blog hop connection. Loving it. I have two children on the autism spectrum. One with aspergers (10) and one with autism. I can't wait to keep reading!!!

Come visit us at www.krazykuehnerdays.com.

Have a great week

Celiac Mami said...

would love to understand my son a little better who is 6. thanks for offering this giveaway!

Nancye said...

I am a follower. This book sounds amazing! Thanks for the chance.

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

~Noor~ said...

this book would help me a lot

Martianne said...

What a wonderful read this looks like!

I am following you.

mmstangerjunk (at) comcast (dot) ned

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