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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Help! My Son Refuses to Get His First Hair Cut!


Not able to get his haircut yet!!! 6 1/2 yr old. I went over all details, he agreed, as soon as we got in the building he ran back out the door! Came back in, held him, we saw a 10yo n 1yo get a haircut. He agreed again, sat on chair, when they put cape, pulled off n ran out again!! I plan going back to sit n observe for several days. Any suggestions?

My Thoughts:

Since it's his first haircut, ask him of something that he's really, really wanted for some time.  You might even buy it first to show him.  Tell him that the prize is his if he gets his hair "trimmed".  Some kids are scared of the word "hairCUT" because when they think of "cut" they think of pain.  If he is scared of the sound of a shaver you  might even get him some earplugs for his first time.  Then sit next to him holding his hand and tell him he's doing great.  If he is absolutely terrified to enter a salon, there are some companies that will come to you so he can have his hair trimmed in the comfort of his own home.  Also, it helps to stick with the same person that trimmed his hair each time because of the trust that is built.  I hope this helps for his first time!  There are also some really fun hair salons for kids that you might find in your area!  Like Snip Its for kids.

What are your ideas?  Would love to hear!


RacersMommy said...

We finally got Racer to sit through a haircut for the first time outside of the house by bribing him with a toy. After that we had to promise him its no buzz just scissors.

Before that it was home haircuts with screaming and crying and covered in hair.

Gluten Free said...

Have someone come to your home and put the TV on. A stranger in your space, like leaning into you, with scissors and the strong smells along with that noisy cape.

While he is sleeping comb his hair up- better if a bit wet- and snip ! I hope you weren't going at him with a buzzer. lol
and .. bless you for finding the time to blog! My Asperger's Son just turned 13 and I am just beginning to see the world again (but still exhausted) Good luck !

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