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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Gift of an Aspergers

Chaz has brought me on a journey I never, ever expected in a million years.  

I never expected to love someone for it so much.

Chaz was my firstborn out of six and he has taught me more than learning to change a diaper, sleepless nights, how to handle stress, and which video games are popular.  

He opened me up to a whole to new world of compassion, empathy, patience, endurance, faith, true contentment, determination, joyfulness, creativity, passion, and true love.

I was that person at one time that just saw a kid being naughty in the store and was quick to assume the parents just didn't discipline.  I never thought that maybe her child had autism.  Or anything that might cause their senses to be overloaded.  I never thought that  maybe the mom could use a kind gesture or words of encouragement.  Chaz taught me not to judge just by the surface of something.  Even if that child didn't have Autism, all kids and moms have bad days. No one is perfect.  Maybe they missed a nap, were hungry. Maybe the mom just received news of a loved one passing and doesn't have the strength to handle a tantrum and is exhausted and heart torn.  Maybe the child is just having a tantrum.  Not the end of the world and that certainly doesn't mean they are a bad parent.

Chaz taught me to just smile at someone who even has a scowl on their face.  Maybe they lost their job last week or they just don't feel like anyone loves them.  Maybe they live alone and don't have someone to greet them when they come home and serve them a hot meal or say I love you.  Maybe, just maybe, someone being rude to you thought about ending their life once they get home. Maybe my smile and a pleasant "Hope you have a good day" will make them rethink a bad decision.

I thought I knew it all before I had kids.  Chaz taught me that I was missing out on what true love really means.

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momto9 said...

Loved this post! I can relate...maybe cause I have 9 kids..all with very different personalities and temperaments!! I dont know...I just totally see what you mean...

Mey said...

Good Morning,
I would love to contact you via email. Please let me know if this is possible

thanks a bunch

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