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Monday, April 18, 2011

When Does Mom Get Me Time?

Sometimes I get questions on my facebook page or just people needing to have someone to talk to.  A woman recently wrote...

Some days it's very hard not to take all the Aspieness of our lives personally. The inability to actually connect on an emotional level is beyond frustrating. What set this off? After nearly two hours of fun in the sun at the beach....just the two of us, my daughter tells me she wants to go home because she's homesick. What??  It's 85 degrees....we live in PARADISE (less than two miles from the sand). WHY do we have to go home? Because my daughter has Asperger's and a tremendous amount of anxiety to go along with it. I get that it's not about me. But when is it going to be about me? So now we're home and I've vacuumed the upstairs........sigh.

We took a much needed break and went swimming this
There is nothing wrong with needing "me time".  In fact, that helped me during the really turbulent years with Chaz.  Even if all you do is take a bubble bath with a candle and a book every single night, it'll give you a small break your brain and emotions desperately crave.  Yes, we have to change some things for Chaz, but in a large family, he knows we can't always cater everything to him.  We bring along tools that help him to calm down.  Example: iPod, hand held game, books, dvd player, ear muffs, drawing materials, snacks, etc. Even sunglasses help Chaz.  If we needed to take breaks for Chaz and go into a quiet area for a bit then we'll do it. In 2009 we all went to Disneyland. There were times where we just needed to take breaks from all the craziness and just snack and relax in our own area where we could have some peace.  My point in all that is there are other ways to find some peace without having to give up a much needed getaway.  Please, don't ever feel guilty for needing some me time.  Sometimes that's the one thing that keeps our sanity and helps us to be a more patient mom/wife.

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