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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Award

Thank you to my friend @Faithfulma for this blog award.  It is so nice to meet you!  I know I am supposed to post 15 new blogs I have discovered but you are actually the first I've discovered in a really long time!  So I hope my friends hop over to meet you.  Hugs!!

Lately it's been pretty emotional around here with Chaz.  One minute he is doing something to mess with someone but he can't take his own medicine.  When he comes running to me about one of his brothers hurting him, I am careful to hear the whole story.  Turns out that when Chaz came to me tonight crying that his brother hurt him, it was not so surprising to hear that there is another side to it.  Chaz went to go knee Ryan in the butt really hard and Ryan put his leg up to defend himself.  It ended up hurting Chaz and he was really upset about it.  Sometimes, when it gets bad enough and he has all the kids worked up and crying, I have to have Chaz come sit with me or walk along side me while I'm doing chores.  That way everyone can settle back down.  Chaz really is a great kid.  He's just one of those kids that you CAN'T let get bored. 

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j said...

i just found your blog. i am a preschool teacher currently working with a three year old with aspergers. this type of work is my passion and i completely agree that the right teacher makes all the difference in the world. keep up the good work, your boy is lucky to have you.

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