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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun Incentives for Schooling Kids with #Aspergers

These last few days I've been talking with K12 and they do have a program for your special needs child.  They will be assigned a teacher than specifically works with your child's IEP plan and will modify the work around what he can handle.  That is VERY good news.  What only his teachers know about him, is it's hard to keep him on task and he will try to give up before he even really begins.  He tends to assume he can't do it as soon as he sees the first question on the assignment.  

Today he was working on his Spanish lesson and he flew through it in no time flat. You know why?  Because they made it fun and he got rewards as he worked.  In the beginning you have an avatar that you get to create.  As you complete your lessons you earn "money".  This money can buy you items for your avatar.  He so much wanted to make his avatar look cool that he did about 3 days worth of lessons and did them very well. OHHHH, if only they could do this with every lesson.  Chaz LOVES having positive reinforcement like this.  This was right down Chaz's alley.  Really, this idea works fantastic for lots of kids.  :D


Friday, August 5, 2011

Trying to Find Cause of Pain

Chaz is still having pain in his abdomen after his surgery so we are back again for an ultrasound.  Its been hard for him because the pain is so random.  Oddly, the doctor mentioned that his pain is pretty common for kids with Aspergers.  He gets a lot of Aspergers kids in his office.  He said he would give Chaz some medicine for him but the side effect is a possible stroke.  Eek!  I said no thank you.  However, he is still unsure because of the type of pain.  Have any of your children experienced this?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hesitantly... K12 It Is

I will need my fix of Diet Dr Pepper daily.  Haha
Chaz is 11 and I'd love to share my letter written to him!  Click HERE to visit our family blog.

Also, I have some news.  Chaz will be schooling at home through K12!  I didn't originally want to use that program because of how much work they put on kids but had no choice since the other program I use is too costly.  HOWEVER, he would be assigned a special ed teacher that will modify things for him according to what he can handle.  That is a HUGE blessing.  I am schooling my other 3 kids at home also along with taking care of the two younger babies.  So my hands will be incredibly full with six kids, caring for my household and schooling.  I might not be able to post every day but I will always try to answer any questions.  :D
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