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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

School Bus Behavior

Having my own girl night out alone
at Barnes and Noble. :)
Today Chaz came home and said he wasn't good on the school bus.  I asked him what happened and he admitted he was crawling under all the seats. Sometimes Chaz acts older for his age and sometimes he acts much younger. When he does stuff like this it makes kids mock him more.  The more he gets rejected the more he tends to get depressed and regress.  So I thought I'd talk to him about it but in a calm voice and not with a condemning tone.  He was not in trouble, we just talked.  :)  When we talks he usually paces back and forth real fast.

Me: Chaz, why did you do crawl under the seats?

Chaz: Well, I know I needed to do homework.  You know why it's called homework?  Because you have work and you do it at home.

Chaz, what does that have to do with crawling under the seats on the bus?

Well, I should not have crawled under the seats. 

Why did you do it Chaz?

I should have thought about that. I was acting crazy.  I should not have done that.

Were you trying to make your friends laugh?

No reason.  I just did it. We talked about crawling under the seats and I just shouldn't have done it.

Are you going to crawl under the seats tomorrow?  


What are you going to do instead?

Not think of crazy things to do.  Just talk and play my Gameboy advance.  

Are you going sit in your seat while you do that?


When you wear your earmuffs on the bus does it help you?

Yes.  But it makes me want to go to sleep.  It helps me to be more quiet.  It's just so loud on the bus.  Maybe tomorrow I'll wear my earmuffs and just talk to my friend.

Okay, sounds like a plan.  :)

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