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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chaz's Award

Chaz is going to a charter school right now because he needed a new IEP plan.  He is doing pretty good now but in the beginning it was really rough. 

The first 2 weeks are alway a "honeymoon" period where Chaz is pretty calm and tries his absolute best. Or maybe it's because he's shy.  The teachers raves to me about how I was wrong, he is doing really well.  I just smile and nod.  I know it's coming.  Yup.  It was about two weeks later he got his first suspension.  He was crying a lot and causing disruptions in the class.  The day he got suspended was the day he was going to each student, smiling right in their face, and then freezing there.  So they had enough and called me to come get him. I reminded them that they only have 10 days alloted a year to suspended him.  So they have 9 left.  I asked the principal if he is sure he wants to suspend him over something so trivial.  He did so we went home. 

They did a rush job on the new IEP plan and pretty soon I will get to see the results.  He is getting a new evaluation so I'm gonna call on Monday to see what they say. 

The good news is since that suspension, he has been trying hard. I know this because he came home with an award from school.  He got the Principals Award for his behavior!  I was so proud of him and we took him out to celebrate. 
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