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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wanna See The Coolest Earmuffs for Kids Ever?

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I'm really excited to tell you about these.  AND NO, I'm not getting paid to write about this.  I just really love them and want to share!

A few weeks ago I started doing a search on ear muffs for kids. Do you know how many I found for kids specifically?  Uh.... not very many.  At least that wasn't just for looking cutesy in the cold season.  I needed something for my son that literally could give him the silence he needed even if all my kids (well, there are 6 total) are crying in our van.  I envisioned Chaz just putting these on when he needed some quiet. Chaz is sensitive to noise and tends to panic when it gets to be too much.  When he is put in the quiet, it calms him down.  These are good for so many reasons I could go on and on.  Well, maybe I should.  Even if your child isn't experiencing Sensory Issues, there I plenty of other times it's great to protect their little ears.  I'm 31 and I've already had some hearing loss.

My son Chaz wearing Peltor Kid Ear Muffs
I am ADHD and have some sensory issues.  Even with the ADHD alone, I've asked Chaz if I could borrow these (to be polite since he loves them) so that I could write and close myself off from any noises that distract me.  I love to write but any little noise tends to throw my thoughts into a scramble. Imagine the work you could get done when you have noises going on all around.  Yes, they have really, really awesome earplugs you can check out too.  I know I'll be picking up some of these for myself so I can give Chaz back his ear muffs.  Heh heh.  I'm even gonna buy the pink earmuffs for my daughter to help her.  Everyone in this family tries to borrow Chaz's earmuffs!

I can't forget to tell you that these are of excellent quality and you won't have to worry about how long they'll last.

Peltor Kid Quality Headband Style Earmuffs Features and Specifications:
  • Noise reduction rating of 22 NRR -- Just right, to give your child adequate noise protection, to be quiet enough to sleep during events, and still let her hear you when you speak to her.
  • Fully Adjustable -- Fits babies well under a year old all the way up to smaller adults, and the adjustments stay where you put them!
  • Ideal clamping force -- Tight enough to provide the necessary seal, but gentle enough for maximum comfort, even on very young children.
  • Blue or Pink -- Traditional baby colors in the USA.
  • Soft, effective ear seals -- Perfectly sized for very young children, with a soft, smooth vinyl covering that is gentle to your child's head while providing the acoustic seal needed for effective noise protection.
  • Light Weight -- At just 8 ounces, Peltor Kid Earmuffs are comfortable enough for the little guys.
  • Proudly Made in the USA

From the President of the company:

"As a parent of a child with autism, I have also become aware that many people have hearing sensitivities that make everyday life a serious challenge. My son had difficulty sitting in a busy classroom with lots of sensory input, so he regularly wore earmuffs during school hours. They were bulky and not very cool for a 10-year-old kid who was already having a hard enough time fitting in with his peers -- but the earmuffs were a solution that worked. They allowed him to tolerate not only his classroom, but also his sister's soccer games, and even our town's Fourth of July parades."

SilentEar Reusable Ear Plugs

You can read more HERE.

I've had several friends on my Asperger Moms facebook that wanted to me talk more about these so I'm excited show you.  

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