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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keeping Chaz Impossibly Still

What does it take to keep Chaz laid out?  The only thing would be surgery!  That boy wakes up with a lot of energy and has a difficult time going to bed every night.  Chaz has been having a lot of pain in his private area.  We took him in and discovered why.  He needed to have a Meatoplasty done because he had meatal Stenosis.

What is a meatal Stenosis?
Meatal stenosis is a narrowing of the urethral opening at the tip of the penis. It interferes with the normal urinary stream and toilet trained boys often feel pressure prior to urinating. (In Chaz's case was causing him terrible pain daily and he would curl in a ball from it.)
What Can I Expect from Surgery?
To correct meatal stenosis, the surgeon will make the urinary opening at the tip of the penis slightly larger. The inside of the urethra is sutured to the glans (tip of the penis). These sutures are absorbable and do not need to be removed.

  So my family and I took him to have a surgery done to fix it.  I told Chaz that they are forcefully going to put him to sleep and also give him an epidural.  He has such a hard time falling asleep every night that he couldn't believe they were gonna be able to force him to sleep.  Well, he couldn't eat once it was 10pm so he ate as much as he could.  We had the kids sleep in their clothes so we could just pull them out of bed and put them right into the van in the morning.

Caleb waking up Ashley
Then I had to follow Chaz to make sure he didn't drink any water.  The last time he had surgery was when he was two and I remember how hard he cried because he couldn't have a drink.  He couldn't understand why mommy wouldn't help him . That broke my heart. Anyway, then we headed there with everyone except for 2 kids that were at school.  Charles met us there so one of us could be with the kids.  He chose to stay with the kids.  I'm pretty sure I know why. ;)  Umm... I think it was making him a little queasy thinking about where Chaz was getting surgery.

Chaz and Charles

There were so many other people there and even little kids that were getting surgery for one thing or another.  Man, some of these guys just go through so much.  One boy was going to have hearing in one of his ears for the first time.  THAT would be interesting.  Another couple were fighting with each other with their little kid sitting in the middle.  My little toddlers were getting extremely agitated having to sit for so long. 

Caleb climbs anything and everything
Finally, out of desperation I changed the channel on the TV to Disney Junior for cartoons.  That helped for a bit.  Finally they called Chaz back into another room to wait and explain everything.  Chaz got to put this outfit on.  Then I told him that he has to wear that to school.  He said, "No way!"  LOL.  

Chaz wanted me to take his picture today
I have to be honest, I'm a little worried about how he's supposed to stay laid out all day.  Can he?  This boy has enough energy to hand out to others if he could.  I couldn't stay in with him in the process (phew) and so I left and waited.  I'm glad because what if I yelped or something and the dr's hand slipped?  Yeah.  That would be terrible for the area they were working on.

After surgery

I waited to take a picture with Chaz looking better after surgery.  He might of been embarrassed of the first because it looked like he got hit really hard or something.  When he woke up he said, "My gosh!  What did they do to me?"  He started to panic when he realized he couldn't move his legs.  He tried and tried even with the nurses telling him to stop.  But the look on his face was shock because he thought he wouldn't ever be able to walk again.  :D  They told him to stop because he might poop his pants trying.  I told the nurses it's gonna be hard to keep this boy down for a couple of days.  When he woke up, the first thing he said was, "Can you take me to Gamestop to buy a new game?"  

That's Chaz for ya!

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