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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thrown Off Routine

Chaz (right) and his brother showing a wrestler pose
I got a call from Chaz's teacher. She said he is just beside himself, can't concentrate, rude, won't do his work. The culprit?

His Backpack.

He forgot his backpack at a park where he has basketball practice for his school. It means he doesn't have his jacket, homework, his journal, etc. She said he is very particular about his own stuff and refuses to work from any new stuff she tries to give him as a replacement. He's really upset and it's causing a ruckus in everything they are trying to do. She called and asked for some ideas.

First off, she's a fantastic teacher. We love her like crazy and wish we didn't have to start over with a new teacher every year. By the time Chaz gets used to a teacher and they earn his trust, it seems he has to move on.

I got a phone call saying his backpack is found and it's literally right next to the school so they might try to send someone over to get it. That's how much it means to Chaz. He gets very upset about his possessions and them not getting messed with or gone through.

I told her that at his old school, he used to get a cup of coffee every morning to help calm him down. It really worked for him. I might have to get his doctor to prescribe it in order for the school to do it. I also told her we are ordering his ear protectors and that'll help when he needs to block noise out.

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