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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bullying in School

One of my favorite cartoons.  hee hee
I have been getting a flurry of calls from the school lately my son Chaz.

Chaz got in an "altercation with another student." Basically a small fight.  I asked Chaz what happened and he said this kid has really been picking on him a long time. It's easy for kids like Chaz to get picked on because they don't blend in as well.

That's life for you.

Who wants to blend? It feels good to blend. What are the options? If you stand out because something is "wrong" with you, you are noticed and get picked on. If you stand out because you become a star, you are praised. But to blend means you just go along with the flow.

Remember school and the pressures? I remember it like it was yesterday. It can be a scary place when people are staring, pointing at you. Calling you names. I know EXACTLY how Chaz feels.

Never, ever ignore a child that brings bullying issues to you. When they are young they have such soft hearts. If it's not stopped it can become a monster to deal with later. Major self esteem issues, bitterness, anger, lashing out.

It hurts to be bullied and be ignored when you ask for help. As adults, it's easy to look at these little kids and say, "Oh, don't worry about those mean kids." But when you ARE a child, the world seems much bigger and can be intimidating.

Thankfully we have an understanding principal to work with and is keeping a watchful eye out. Even with teachers watching bullies, they can underhandedly say things. The best way to know is when your child comes home how he/she is acting.

The best I can do is hug him, tell him how special he is to us.  Support him and really listen when he comes to me with an issue.  :)

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