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Friday, February 11, 2011

Game Crazy Days

After talking with Chaz's principal, I've been looking for a coffee maker for their school.  I have a Keurig myself and I'd love to buy one for the school.  BUT, they are super expensive.  Their budget has absolutely no room for anything and they've even had to let people go.  Assistants and such.  So, I'm on the lookout to at least get one that does not require paper filters.  They are going to give Chaz a cup of coffee every morning when school starts to help calm down.

The principal asked me if Chaz likes games.  Does he?  DOES he?  He LOVES games!  He said that when he was walking with Chaz, he talked about it nonstop with no pause hardly to take a breath.

When Chaz wakes up in the morning he instantly talks about games, while he's getting ready, going potty, getting his shoes one, while getting his jacket on, all the way to the door and only stops when he's out of hearing distance.  I'm sure he gets on the bus and continues the discussion with someone else. LOL.

Sometimes Chaz really, really struggles at school and will shout out and disrupt the class.  Since Chaz LOVES games so much we are going use one for a prize that he works towards with good behavior and for finishing his work. He is super excited about the idea.

Yesterday he came home from school and asked, "I was good for one day so can I buy that game now?"

Me: "Um, Chaz, you have to do good for a bit longer than a day".

Chaz: "3 days?"

Me: "More like 2 weeks!"

Chaz: "Awwww.....that's really hard."

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