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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pure Love Giveaway Is Here!!!

-I am going to keep this post at the top till February 10th so please scroll down to see newer posts.-

I made it all simple on where you go to donate and also where you go to enter contest once you do.

Peter has a family looking into adopting him. He is in danger of being transferred to a mental institution forever in just a few short months.
Click HERE to donate to Peter's fund or on my sidebar.
So far $11,000 is in his account.

Goal Met! $13,154 raised.
Thank you for giving so Olga could have a home!  She has a family that is looking to adopt her.  We'll keep you updated!

Goal Met! $15,711 raised
Kareen has a family and is in the process of adopting her!  :)
(Visit http://kareensjourneyhome.blogspot.com to see current adoption process)

ONCE YOU HAVE DONATED you can enter to win prizes and the odds are really good for the Pure Love Giveaway!

ALL the details are here on how to enter:


View video to see why we want to rescue these children

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