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Monday, March 28, 2011

Strength in Friends

Chaz (Left) and his friend (right)

What are the chances that two Aspergers kids would find each other and make friends?  Especially when they don't have that knowledge of each other?  I was amazed one day when I got a phone call from a friend's mom that the kids wanted to get together.  Somehow Aspergers came into our talk and she said, "Hey, my son has Aspergers too!"

We were amazed they found each other at school and became good friends. What a blessing!  It was wonderful to watch them interact and have so much in common.  They both LOVE video games and they will talk and talk about them.  (Chaz will talk hours with you about one game).

It's been incredibly hard for Chaz to find friends and this has been such a boost of confidence for him.  Sadly, they are now at two different schools but have kept in touch.

Turns out his mom and I have lots in common too. :)
We got invited to a birthday party for Chaz's friend and as much as I wanted to get some stuff done that day, there was just no way I was gonna let anything get in the way of Chaz having a buddy he can relate to and have that unconditional acceptance.

As a family of 8 we went and it just was great to have Chaz feel confident of himself, not be ignored by a group of boys, and just enjoy himself. I can just imagine how great this would be having a network of friends in the area.  Or a camp with Aspergers kids he could go to.  I've seen many in other states but not so much in my area.  Even the ones I have seen are incredibly expensive it's shocking.

It just feels so good to have friends for anyone where you have something in common with them.  Understanding each others strengths and weaknesses.  I'm happy for Chaz.  Especially because he's going through some bully again lately.  Whenever he goes through kids calling him a weirdo or freak, he says he doesn't want to live anymore.  That breaks my heart.  Thank goodness for moms where a kid can come home and just find comfort after a rough day.  When he was 5 he would just run into my arms everyday.  Usually he'd cry and cry.  School for him was NOT fun and was emotionally and physically exhausting.  Now, instead of running into my arms, he talks.  I will never shut him up because he NEEDS to voice his feelings.  I don't ever want to prevent him from opening up to me.  Whatever it is I'm doing at that moment can be put down for later.  Even if it's hard to follow what he is saying at times (because he talks so fast and his sentences are like run ons), he's worth listening to.  If I can't build a relationship now with him at 10 years old, what makes me think I could wait and hope I can in his teens?  Since my kids were really little, that is something I realized. Don't wait.

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