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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Help a Child with Autism by Controlling Lighting | eHow.com

How to Help a Child with Autism by Controlling Lighting | eHow.com

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 Children with autism often have sensory processing 
 difficulties that can be an extreme source of discomfort 
 and even pain for them. We may not be able to stop 
 the way their systems perceive and process this sensory
 input, however, we can reduce or eliminate the sources 
 of discomfort. Lighting is something that we often do not think about but 
fluorescent light fixtures and the fluorescent lighting itself can be a source 
of distraction and even real discomfort for children with autism.

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  1. 1.Avoid fluorescent light fixtures around a child with autism. The problem is that, even though you and I may not be able to hear it, the fixtures put off a humming sound that can be bothersome to children who have hearing sensitivities. Additionally, the lighting itself can appear to flicker. Again, you and I may not notice it, but a child with autism may be bothered by it. If you are not sure if our child is bothered by this type of lighting, try removing it to see if that makes a difference for them.
  2. 2. Add regular lights for your child with autism, if you can not remove the fluorescent lighting. This will help to smooth out the flickering of the lighting. While they are in school, see if they can sit near a place where a lamp with regular lighting can be added.
  3. 3. Use headphones or cotton or white noise to mask the sounds of the light fixtures. Fluorescent lighting is everywhere. You cannot avoid it at stores, schools, doctors offices, etc. However, cotton in the ears, etc. may help reduce the effects of the humming sound in public places. Another possibility, if headphones are not bothersome, is to use headphones connected to some sort of music player that is playing music they like or even white noise. Sometimes the white noise will be bothersome also, however, for many kids with autism, certain sounds bother them and other sounds do not, depending on the decibels, etc

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