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Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Help Your Asperger's Child Sleep

How to Help Your Autistic/Asperger's Child Sleep

(Asperger Moms: I found this to be very helpful and wanted to share.)

Sep 21, 2010 Mary Moustakas
Autism and Sleep Problems Common  - M. Moustakas
Autism and Sleep Problems Common - M. Moustakas

Many children on the autism spectrum have sleep problems and learning how to help them sleep is very beneficial.

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can have difficulty sleeping through the night. Learning ways to help them fall asleep or stay asleep is important to both the family and the child.

Sleep Habits are Important for All Children and ASD Children are no Different

How we help our children go to sleep and stay asleep is very important to everyone in the family. When everyone is rested and had a full night’s rest it helps make for a better day and family atmosphere. Some things parents can do are as follows:
  • Provide a comfortable place to sleep.
  • Have a regular bedtime schedule.
  • Have regular bedtime rituals and routines.
  • Teach children to sleep by themselves.
  • Avoid naps for older children who do not need them.
  • Exercise during the day.

           Asperger Moms: 

  • I wanted to add a couple because they have helped my son and they are not listed here.  I have used those ear muffs I've previously talked about.  Chaz loves to wear them when he needs complete silence.
  • Or soothing sounds like the ocean from a CD player.  
  • Reading books does not work to help him relax because it keeps his mind active and he can't relax.  He'll read all night! 

Things That Will Help Make Sleeping Comfortable

Children need a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Here are some simple but effective things we can do to help ASD children sleep better.

Read more at Suite101: How to Help Your Autistic/Asperger's Child Sleep http://www.suite101.com/content/how-to-help-your-autisticaspergers-child-sleep-a288592#ixzz1FWIlOdnA

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