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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earmuffs and Aspergers

Wow, since buying Chaz those Peltor Earmuffs I've been getting good reports from his school bus driver. Chaz has to ride the school bus for an hour coming home (but not in the morning thank goodness).  The bus noise is very LOUD.  It's funny how when when wears the earmuffs it calms him down.  When he doesn't wear them he tends to get out of control.  I mean, there is night and day difference.  Since then we have got a pair for Ivy who has SPD.  I'm really impressed.

His next favorite place is to wear them is in the van.  We are a family of 8 and sometimes it can just get noisy, you know?  We all talk at the same time and sometimes even have friends in the van with us.  Yes, we have a BIG van.  LOL.

My husband and I are both ADHD and sometimes SPD can often be paired with it.  There are times that I've had to borrow Ivy's or Chaz's earmuffs just because I'm having major sensory overload.  I know exactly how Chaz is feeling.  It's an anxiety that builds up and makes you feel like you are gonna explode.  One time my husband thought it'd be funny to get all the kids screaming in a small area.  I don't know why he thinks that's funny but everyone things it's great.  lol.  Anywa, I panicked to get out of the room and injured my wrist.

I know eventually I'll probably invest in their Ear Plugs for myself so when I'm in public, like say a shopping mall, people don't see them.  At home though when I am writing for either book or product reviews, or just writing in general, I always have these on as they help me think.  My husband said I just go into "The Writing Mode".  Nothing brings me out of it which is why I generally write at night while kids are sleeping.  (Right now they are napping).  :D 

Sometimes I'm just working around my house and when things just get a little too loud I'll wear them.  You still hear what's going on but just at a lower decimal.  By the way, no I'm not writing this as an ad.  I just feel like I have to share something that has been a saving grace for us.

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Anonymous said...

I have thought about getting earmuffs for my son. He Hates loud noises, especially the rain. It pours rain in the middle of the night here on a regular basis and whenever it does he wakes up crying and cant go back to sleep until it stops. I leave music on in his room at night but it doesn't help much.

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