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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pulling Information Together

In doing some research for a friend, I found this site where it gives you a list of Asperger Support Groups in different states.  This site is called:

It links to their list of support groups in different areas on the map.

Also, my friend has a son in the teens year which I have not experienced yet.  So I happened to find this article where someone wrote:

I would like to know what to expect from an Asperger’s child in the teenage years. My son was diagnosed 6 years ago. I know they say that they can suffer from this and that, but what is the long term goal, what can we expect, what not to expect?

You can click HERE to receive free weekly newsletters about parenting an Aspergers Child.

Friends, if you have any information at all about groups that fight for the rights of Aspergers, please, please leave me a link.  I am doing some research myself but would love to have a list I can keep on my sidebar.  As I find them or get them from you, I will began to add.  Thank you so much!

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