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Monday, January 17, 2011

Asperger Moms

One day I was sitting at home wishing I could connect with other moms of Asperger kids.  Then it dawned on me that Facebook is one of the most perfect sites to connect.  So I started a page call Asperger Moms and to my surprise, many parents, even aspie's themselves connected with me.  Many have said "thank you so much for starting this page where we can meet and talk together."  It was more of a personal page so then I decided to create a group called Asperger Moms so we could talk with each other rather than only connect with me.  This is a great place to ask each other questions and encourage each other. 

But then some said they didn't like it always being about how Aspergers was negative.  So then I started the page Celebrating Aspergers! 

I love logging into my account and seeing so, so many posts all having to do with someone who somehow has Aspergers in their life.  No, it's not all negative.  Mostly people sharing their stories and experiences with each other.  An Asperger diagnosis may be shocking at first.  Mind boggling as to where to go from the initial diagnosis.  But Aspergers has taught me so many things.  Celebrating Aspergers is a great place where we've been able to share just how much Aspergers has changed us for the better.

Claudie says "Max is a friend and has Asperger's. His gentleness and bright intelligence makes you feel like hugging him. He does not like hugs but he loves to talk about his las discoveries. I am always amazed by how much he knows, about his ambition. He cares for his little sister with autism, he is respectful with his parents. He... is only 14 but he has a wisdom and tolerance of others that is grand. He is making the world better by being kind and patient, by wanting to learn and apply sicience. He gave my career a new turn and I am grateful for all what he taught me. Thanks for this wonderful page."

I find myself logging into Asperger Moms so much more than my regular, private account because it's rewarding.  Thank you, friends. 

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