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Monday, January 24, 2011

Asperger Blogroll

The growing blogroll is to the right on my sidebar.  Check it out! ------>

I would love to create a blogroll specifically for parents with Aspergers or Parent of an Aspergers child.  If you have an Asperger blog, please leave the link in my comments below and I'll be GLAD to add it! 

I found this one called Life With Aspergers!
An adult man with Asperger’s raising two children on the spectrum and describing life through his eyes. Humorous and matter-of-fact


Cheryl D. said...

Thanks for doing this!

Little Bit Quirky http://littlebitquirky.blogspot.com

One with many names said...

Hello :) I have you on my GFC so saw your post.

I have a blog for Asperger's (which my daughter has).


I'm looking for more contributing writers so if you know anyone who wants some more exposure and to blog their own stories... I'd love to invite them!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Thank you for those! I added them to the blogroll. :)

Lisa said...

I would love to see this too. Here is my link.

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