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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Dreamed A Dream

Susan Boyle - From Pain To FameDid you guys get a chance to see Susan Boyle sing I Dreamed A Dream?  Whether it was on stage for the first time or on youtube?  I was shocked as many were at her voice. What was SO FANTASTIC about it was the shock factor.  My heart went out to Susan as she came onto the stage and people were ALREADY laughing at her.  The judges were rolling their eyes.  Showing their bored faces.  She was being laughed out before she even got a chance to show her gift to the world.  So what if she was a little quirky.  In who's eyes?  We are all different in one way or another. Why is it so appealing to be just like everyone else?  Like another little rolling wave in the ocean?  Why can't we come with a loud crash?  Like, "HERE I AM!  I'M DIFFERENT AND IT'S OKAY!"  Susan came out.  Even when she was being laughed at she smiled.  She didn't waver or cry.  She just stood there and smiled waiting for the music to start.  She sang beautiful for the Britain's Got Talent, I Dreamed a Dream. Here is the video in case you missed it!  This is one of my favorite underdog stories of all time although there are many!  There are many great people who have Aspergers or may have had Aspergers.  Being that it is newly recognized, they realize there may be people in history who had Asperger Syndrome. Incredible people too!  I'm not saying she is. Just pointing out that no matter what anyone says, we should live our dream. Regardless of the laughter or people's opinion.

I Dreamed A Dream
In searching for famous people that MAY have had Asperger Syndrome, I found some more helpful information to understand my son Chaz.  The words highlighted in yellow sound so much like Chaz.  (Scroll down on the web site I provided to see list of famous people.)

More specifically, the pediatrician included aspects of difficulty to include social skills, friendship skills, conversational skills, pedantic speech patterns, tendency towards ego-centrism and preoccupation in a particular area of interest, lack of emotional control, and an immaturity of empathetic skills. These children were noted to have difficulty attending in class and demonstrated learning deficits, along with organizational, motor, and sensory concern. The difficulty in understanding and acknowledging autism, primarily high functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome, by the medical, psychological, and psychiatric community, can lead to misdiagnosis and even failure to provide the services needed for students (Autism Today, 2007).

I learned that Chaz is who he is.  He doesn't need to be cured.  He needs acceptance.  I need to praise him 10 time more than I correct him.  If he's doing something the right way I should point it out to him and encourage him!  Being that I have ADHD myself, I've learned that are certain gifts that come with some disorders.  Aspergers is another one of those. It has some tough areas, but they have gifts too.  Susan may not have been the picture of what people think is visually beautiful, but she is a diamond.  There is a standard stamp people tend to put on what is socially acceptable.  Chaz is a gift to me because he made me realize that we don't have to all fit in the same mold.  Thank God for that.  Don't worry about just going with the flow, Chaz.  Make a splash!

P.S MP3 of I Dreamed A Dream.  Beautiful song sung by Susan Boyle.


danette said...

Great post! I love your comments about individual gifts, I feel the say way about my sons :).

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad to have found yours!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Wonderful post! So true and stories like these make my own son feel so much better or comfortible with his own self. Thanks for writing this and sharing with us all! ~ Coreen

Life Goes On said...

Wonderful posting thank you. New follower and will be listening to more you have to share. My grandson has asperger and I am trying to understand more.

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