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Friday, January 28, 2011

Giving Chaz His Own Room

Ryan 9, Kyle 7, Chaz 10 (bottom)

My husband and I had been talking lately about giving Chaz his own room.  Yesterday I said "Let's do it" and we got busy clearing the room out to move Chaz's stuff in.  Chaz was extremely excited.  A couple of things I'm pretty sure about.  First off, that room is gonna STAY clean.  I know Chaz.  When he moved his stuff in he was busy for a long time lining everything up in straight lines.  His chess board was perfect.  His collection of Heroclix was lined up and so was his medieval figurines.  He made sure everything was PERFECT.  One time his little brother come in and messed up something and Chaz was in tears. He was so upset.  Chaz is 10 and my oldest.  I think he's endured having his younger siblings messing with his stuff long enough. He does just need to be able to go in his room and have quiet time.  In a house of eight it can be difficult to find a room with just quiet.  Athough I'm happy for Chaz, my heart was kind of sad seeing him broken away from his brothers.  I've always kept them together and every time I checked on Chaz last night, it made me sad to see him in is room alone. :(  He's not sad. Just mommy.


Bonnie said...

Wow that must be hard. I separated mine a few months back and it still makes me sad. They love it. I hope it will be a blessing for Chaz. I understand the desire to foster brotherhood and keep them together, but sometimes kids need space too I think. Blessings on this!

Iccle Anne said...

I think giving him his own room is a really good idea. He needs some where that he can go to get away from the environmental stimulous's, which are more extreme for him compared to someone without autism.

How about setting up a "family time" or "brother time" when he's encouraged to play with siblings/family for a period of time?! Make it a structured activity and he should find it easier to engage with. The more he knows what to expect (through the day/week) the less anxious he will feel.

Oh, the lining things up/keeping things tidy is such a characteristic of autism that I recognise! I work with a chap who has OCD and Aspergers and it takes a long time to do things, because everything has to be in the right place before moving onto something else. Bless him, I have to suggest getting ready to leave his flat at least 30mins before we need to otherwise we'll be late!

Life Goes On said...

What a darling young family. I am sure he is proud to be big and have his own room and everything just Perfect. And of course they can still visit and play in each others rooms. Precious family.

shannon said...

You got some really great comments. I get how this would be hard.....when you have a bigger family, seeing any child alone doesn't sit right and makes you feel like they are lonely, but I definitely think that is the mommy in us.
Keep us posted on his new room!

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