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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wound Up

These last couple of days with Chaz I have been noticing that he doesn't act at all like other kids his age.  Sooo different.  He acts more like a 4 year old in many ways.  I guess I didn't really know how 9 year olds should act till I started seeing other kids his age and payed attention.  Chaz still will curl up in a ball and scream.  He throws lots of tantrums.  He says a lot of crap.  You can say to Chaz "okay, well now you are going in time out".  He'll freak out.  So then when he starts freaking out I'll say, "well now you are gonna have to lay down for awhile in your bed."  He'll freak out more.  "Okay, now I want you to take a nap."  Then he's hysterical by this point.  It's like winding up something tighter and tighter.  Threatening Chaz about anything will not make him want to stop.  It only freaks him out because he gets really worked up.  Before I used to punish him for this but now I have to keep reminding myself that Chaz is someone that you have to calm down or "unwind".  Sometimes he gets a look on his face and I KNOW he's gonna walk around the house and see who he can bother.  Like "oh no, here it comes.  He's gonna cause mayhem."  Sure enough he'll get all the kids in the house squealing and upset.  Then I have to separate him which only makes him very angry.

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Mrs. C said...

Yep. BTDT. ((hugs))

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