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Sunday, December 27, 2009


I need some answers about Chaz.  It's really hard, some days.  Other days not so hard.  For the most part he can't keep his hands to himself.  He finds pure joy out of irritating others and seeing people get angry or cry.  I know some siblings do that but Chaz obssesively does it.  It keeps the house in a constant uproar because he's always making someone angry.  I know some people say he needs his own room but he HATES to be alone. I think he's like to have his own room to keep his things nice and neat but he would never sleep in there.  When he is naughty, which is quite often, I put him in a 9 minute time out.  He'll then scream and scream and scream.  He yell out how much he hates himself.  Wishes he never lived. How stupid he is.  He'll scream the whole time.  I won't let him out till he calms down.  I worry because he's only 9 years old.  Would he someday really hurt himself?  I don't like saying that.  He feels bad to put that in writing.  It's scary.    I love my kids!!!  I battle back and forth about whether to have anymore.  I love, love, love, love having children without a doubt.  I spend every one of their waking hours with them.  No one could accuse me of not having enough time with each of them.  They never leave my side.  Except for when they go to children's church once a week for a couple of hours.  Ha ha.  But seriously.  No one could accuse me of not spending enough time with them.  I homeschool them for goodness sakes.  I read to them.  I take them to the library every week.  They go to church with me.  They go to the store with me.  When am I ever without them?  Heck, I can't even take a kid to the ER without the whole family following me.  :D  I laugh, but inside I cry sometimes. 


mom2calie said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are going through all of that. I hope it gets better for you soon.

Mrs. C said...

Pitch the sister! She's toxic! I'm NOT just saying that as a knee jerk reaction.

Guess what? You could have an only child like this and YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH TIME. Aside from therapy and/or meds and some environmental fixes (figuring out some triggers, etc.) there isn't much you can do. We are learning this with our older son. It is very, very hard.

BUT no kidding. Pitch the sister. Tell her you've had it if you have to, or that you're busy or whatever. You do not need EXTRA stress in your life.

PS. Your sisters also need to get a life, no offense. When someone is THAT WRAPPED UP in what you do or don't do... they're living a bit too vicariously. JMO.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Thanks for your advice. :) I did that and life has been more peaceful. :) My Pastor Mitchell to just stay away from negative people. I include family in that also. No one should make you question your children's existence.

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