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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Homeschool Chaz?

Today has been a really, really tough day with Chaz. Actually, that's an understatement. It's been a bad month. The whole reason why I homeschooled Chaz is because he doesn't do well at all in a classroom setting.  The only thing is Chaz is so much work just by himself that it's very challenging to have the time to homeschool the others. Unless of course I want to homeschool day and night.  I'm getting closer to the idea of letting my other kids be in a regular classroom and just homeschooling Chaz.  The other idea is homeschool the rest of the kids and put Chaz in a regular classroom. Argh.  Decisions.  I will have to think about it.  I'm just overwhelmed right now with all the emotional stuff and just trying to figure out how to help Chaz.  If anyone has any ideas, I would love them!


Mrs. C said...

OBVIOUS questions, but sometimes when we're upset or muddling through things we don't think straight, and THAT is why I'm asking:

Do you have a strict schedule you follow each day? Here every day is pretty much the same so we have fewer freakouts about stuff not being as expected.

Have you considered a cardboard study center? Or punch out a side of a box so it's like blinders and he is less distracted. One thing we do is use those cheapo paper folders and set them up so no one can look at our work sometimes. LOL I will have to post sometime on our "office."

Figure out the TOUGH spots and do those first while you are still fresh and thinking straight. I do math first thing for this reason. For ME, I need that clear head before the toddlers distract me to the point where I can't add, whereas spelling is so easy for me that I don't know how to use the spellcheck (watch; I've probably jinxed myself and have numerous errors in my comment LOL).

Idea: Tell him he has (whatever) amount of work or number of subjects etc. that must be done each day. If it's four hours, tell him it's four and a half and let him out "early" each day because he's been so good LOL. This way if he is NOT so good, you have that padding in your schedule for when you need it to finish work.

NOW... Here's what I have to tell you after you read all that. You have an unusual family situation and no nanny in sight. It can be really tough. No matter what it "looks like" to your public-schooling momma friends or your homeschooling momma friends, only you can weigh the options and decide what is best. NOT what is "perfect," but what is best. I am praying right now for ideas, ideas leading to direction, and direction and prayer leading to total peace.

PS When is Charles posting? It is unusual (but not unheard of!) to get the daddy perspective as well.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Believe me, I would love for Charles to post too! I don't know when it'll happen but I bet if I caught him in a good moment when he's not so busy, it'll happen. :)

Mrs. C, as an ADD mom, it is extremely hard for me to have a schedule. Actually, it would do not only Chaz good but for me also. I do have a schedule and I frequently forget about it. We are consistant about the chores but I don't know why I keep forgetting the other stuff. I KNOW it would be good for Chaz. I kick myself for it. It's hard to explain. I actually love a routine but the other half of me loves being spontaneous. I'm reading a book called Moms with ADD and how to help in this exact situation. It's a great book and is really helping me so I hope to improve in that area. :D Especially for Chaz.

Mrs. C said...

Have you considered having a schedule only, say, from 8 to 10 a.m. Two hours a day that you're setting aside to absolutely be home and do school. It would be a real shame for you to feel obligated to be tied to the house all the time, but yeah, having NO schedule is gonna probably make Chaz crazy if he's at all like Elfie.


Virginia (Jenny) said...

Well, we do have a schedule, it's just not tight knit. I mean, we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the exact time every day. Ashley even goes to bed at exactly 1pm every day. Chore time is set at 10am and 5pm. So we do have that and it's to be expected. That's all I've done so far and everything falls in between those times. I need to work on more detail though probably.

Mrs. C said...

That sure sounds like a start to me! :)

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