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Friday, January 29, 2010

Not a Freak

After reading Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's, I realize how wrong I've been in so many ways expecting Chaz to be just like his brothers.  Why do I continually forget???  I ask questions like "Don't you care?  Why are you being so mean?"  Instead I need to bring him to me and show him the proper way to have handled something.  It's a social disorder yet I forget and forget and forget.  The book is opening my eyes to the fact that I am making situations impossible for Chaz.  No, he's not a cold person.  Yes, he has a hard time understanding empathy.  He's not "a jerk" as other kids call him.  He just came and bumped into them because he wanted to be their friend.  They reject him all the time.  They call him a freak.  He's not a freak.  He's my son and he only wants to make a friend.  Any friend.


momto9 said...

I hear your pain and understand:(

Patty said...

I am feeling your pain... I always knew that my child had Asperger's. I went from doctor to doctor, counsellor to counsellor and specialist to specialist. No one would listen, they all would say that " he was a willfill child", he's just spoiled, stuff that didn't make any sense to me? I mean if I did the research and I am his mother, don't you think that they would have done the right thing by my son. Well after trying for countless years someone finally listened to my plea's for help for my son.He was on the waitlist for a year and half, well the test results came in on Wednesday and surprise I was right!!! :( I have to say even though I knew in my heart that what it was it didn't give me any sense of relief. I was angry and sad at the same time.. My son was let down by people who are apparently professionals, and he suffered when he didn't need to..I am glad for the fact that he will be getting the help that he so greatly deserves. Thank you for posting your blog and inspiring words... Thanks you....:)

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