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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look Me In The Eye-Updated

I just checked out this book and I'm looking forward to reading it.  When I read more I will post about it here.  I need to spend more time trying to understand Aspergers.  I know a lot about Aspergers but I really need to find out how to help my son directly.  Taking action and finding what will work for him.  I know I can't expect him to be like his siblings.  The balance for me is how not to treat him TOO differently.  I hated hearing him call himself a freak because of other kids at school.  Now that he is home with me I can control the environment more.  I feel like I am rebuilding his self esteem again.

UPDATE:  The more I read into this book I have began to understand my son.  There is a broad spectrum with Aspergers and even though everything doesn't apply to my son, I recognize a lot of things.  I included the link because this book will captivate you as you read it.  What John went through as a child and his parents not understanding his behavior. 

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Mrs. C said...

The other kids at school sound like they need some social skills training fer sure... just a different kind than Chaz. :)

God bless ya!!

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