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Friday, January 22, 2010

In Chaz's School Days

Chaz is the boy in the middle row on the left.

In speaking with another father on the Asperger group page, I was able to give him some ideas. I started to remember some things that had really helped my son in the past that I had forgotten about.  Boy, I need to apply some of these things again!

My son has been to 9 schools and none would work for him. However, a few years back, my son just happened to get a teacher who had trained to work with Asperger kids for 3 years. Boy did I get lucky! She helped Chaz so much that his symptoms went way down. She said Asperger kids are VERY visual and need a visual schedule. He needed to have a schedule, with pictures added, of his day. He also needed to be able to cross the activity off that they finished.  She put a cover over the paper so the marker could be wiped off to make clean for the next day.  Also, his desk was not right next to other students and closer to the teacher. She also put a cushion on his chair since some Asperger kids are more sensitive around their legs. These three things were key for my son. She wore a necklace with cards on them for Chaz. Instead of saying outloud, "Shhh, be quite". She would hold up a small card with a picture on it to show him. It showed a smiley face making the "shh" symbol. They listen much quicker when they see visual vs hearing it.  However, she was a first grade teacher so he no longer could have her. Unfortunately, he went back downhill again once that happened. I now homeschool him because other teachers would not do the same stuff for him. Either that or they were already too overwhelmed.

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momto9 said...

You're an amazing mom!

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