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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Routine for Aspergers

So far so good with Chaz in the summer time with a minimal routine.  Compared to school our routine is simpler.  We only have:
  • Lunch at noon
  • Chores at 1pm
  • Dinner at 6pm
  • Chores at 7pm
  • Bedtime 9pm

Chaz has a mommy like me who is not a schedule type person so for me, having any schedule is a huge deal. That's actually a huge improvement.  It's mostly playtime in between all that for them.  We do plan to visit water parks at least once a week so that'll help shake up any boredom kids can get.  

Chores per kid are color coded
I know routines are very important to Aspergers kids and that of course depends on the kid.  Chaz absolutely loved her teacher for her down to the minute routine.  As much as I would love to be like that, I'd probably panic.  However, I have established a minimal routine. The routine I showed you is for my kids, not for myself.  I have my own cleaning schedule that goes in between all that. So, I shouldn't be so had on myself about it.  Ha!

Heck, most people think homemakers are just watching TV and eating Bon Bons.  Not me!  I absolutely love hanging out with my kids, cooking, and having adventures together, homeschooling my daughter.  Chaz has 5 siblings so it's not usually quiet around here.  When the noise gets to be a bit much, Chaz just puts on his earmuffs and he's good.  Chaz is pacing to get my computer so I'd better hand it over before he burns a line in the rug.  :D

Before I leave, what kind of summer routine do you guys have?  How does the summer and no school affect your Aspergers child?


Accidental Expert said...

My son is one of the few Asperger's kids who hates schedules. Visual schedules used to send him into a rage. We finally learned that he needs routine, but not uber structure. So our schedules are pretty loose too.

lee said...

It is extremely critical that my son has a schedule no matter if he is in school or not. I am also not a schedule person but I am quickly learning to be one because life runs so much smoother around here. I tried to get his schedule as close to school as I could for summer. I have 5 days a week filled for him. Each day is booked with at least 4 hrs of activtes. Please keep in mind he is doing fun activities like going to amusment parks with his camp or his social worker. He will also be attending summer school which will work on self help/ life skills and some aademics so he does not fall behind.

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