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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrating 32 Years

...  of still living and breathing.  Still loving each and every day.  

Even the ones that had tears.  
The ones with the mop in my hands. 
Even the days where my sweat drips doing loads of laundry
The ones in the counselors office
The days I scratch my head with no answers
Even the ones where no one calls
Even on birthdays forgotten
I love each and every day 
because I'm still breathing
and that means I get to touch a flower
watch a butterfly flitter about
I still get to kiss my kids goodnight
and repeat each and every morning
I get to celebrate each step forward
whether or not it came after two steps back
I love each and every day
Because someday there will be no tomorrow
I'll take the tears, the sobs, the pain, the hard work
if it means I can have the laughter, pitter patter of little feet
and a kiss from my husband each day.  
Thank you, Lord, for each and every day
of the 32 years you have given me
You gave me the gift of Life
and I'll take each and every day with a smile

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