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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Can I Help My Aspergers Stepson?

My stepson is 26 yrs old, he still lives at home with me and his dad.He is very odd, and I have been looking lots of things up and Ive come to conclusion he has aspergers. His father said at the age of 3, he became very withdrawn, he took him to drs and not one could diagnose him. His son did go to college, and did get a degree in programing computers. He has a good job. But socially and other ways he is like a child. He is very pleasant and seems to have a good sense of humor, smiling at jokes etc. I cant see him ever moving out on his own, although he makes and has plenty of money. He rarely talks except when asked a question, and is very unmotivated at home. His Dad just lets it all go, I think he has given up on him. What happens to people like him? What can I do help? Can we tell his son what he has? Please help-Cindy

My thoughts:

Oh Cindy, I love your question and I want to answer with a book.  John Elder Robinson wrote a book about his experience.  He grew up with Aspergers and to this day it affects him but he's learned how to work around it.  It think it would really help.  I read it for my own son to see what life will be like for him as he gets older and what I can do to help him.  You can literally get this book for $2 if you just want to buy a used one.  

I hope this helps.  This book answers so many of your questions.  Questions I asked too and it's great to hear from someone with Aspergers Syndrome.  John did well but he also really tried to work on his communication skills.  He even found a job he is very good at.  He is married to a woman that truly understands him and has really been there for him. 

Thank you for writing me and I hope this helps. He is so lucky to have you in his life.  :)

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