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Thursday, June 2, 2011

OT In the Home DVD for Sensory Processing Disorder

Occupational Therapy in the Home
Helping kids be their best
*Regulate emotions
*Improve gross & fine motor skills
*Physical & Cognitive strengthening

Can be purchased at
Future Horizons
running time: 90 minutes

Not everyone can afford to take their kid to therapy every week.  What then for parents that are interested and learning how to provide therapy at home?  Where to start?  This video is extensive in showing you how.  I LOVE IT!

*Choosing their clothes
*Making responsibility charts
*Making visual schedules
*Toilet training
*Oral/motor strengthening
*Weighted vests and
*Indoor swings and their value
*Fine motor skills
and more.....

There is soooo much more in this video!  I only gave you idea of what the beginning covers.  It not only gives you ways provide occupational therapy in your home, but explains in detail what to do and why it helps them.  It's an amazing video.  I can't believe what a valuable tool this is in providing therapy for your child at home.  

Chapter titles to give you an idea are:

1. Starting the day
2. Individual Sensory Needs
3. Fine motor
4. Homework
5. Gross motor
6. Organization of behavior
7. Dinner time
Before, during, and after
8. Bedtime
9. Aquatic therapy
10. Storytime
11. Creating a playroom
(Paint, lighting, flooring, organization)

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