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Thursday, May 19, 2011

When Dad Has Hard Time Accepting Aspergers Diagnosis

How do I convince her father that it is okay she has this diagnosis?  It doesn't change who she is, it just helps us understand her.

My Thoughts:
My husband was really, really sad when he found out. He just pictured a harsh future but now he sees it was the best thing we could ever do. Feel free to share experiences from others to him.  Because we helped Chaz back when he first started school, because of the interventions, he is now a well behaved, straight A student. He has his down times but for the most part you would be shocked how far he's come. I've even written about his early days on my blog and how incredibly hard it was. By you helping your daughter now, you're giving her a better future. Hugs. I totally understand where you're at. 

Did you Know?
When children are uncomfortable with the fabric, seams, or style of their clothing, they can act out and become frustrated or stressed.


Jude said...

What types of interventions are out there?

Accidental Expert said...

My husband also had a hard time when my son was first diagnosed. Now he not only accepts it, but enjoys our guy for the unique soul he is.

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