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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pulling Together

Be the rainbow in someone else's cloud
Who knew facebook could be such a goldmine for connecting and bringing people together that have one something in common?  If you feel you are alone and need other parents to connect with, AspergerMoms is a place where moms can connect that have walked this path ahead of us or are just beginning. Feel free to write and ask any questions. :)

Discussions on AspergerMoms

Would you like to join?  Here are some we are having right now!

1. getting a diagnosis- we were diagnosed so long ago and i don't feel it was comprehensive. Where/who do you go to ( from your 
experiences) for a comprehensive DX?

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2. Once Diagnosed, do you have a case manager? Or is this our role, to keep track, reevaluate therapies?

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3. Anyone else experiencing this...Hard to get services b/c of academic abilities, yet struggling socially in regular( or advanced) classes (middle school)?

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4. I know this is religion, and a hot button topic..but something we are struggling with. The Bar Mitzvah and the year of BarMitzvahs. Everything about it makes my son uncomfortable, yet his is in 5 months and he's been invited to some already. He also can't handle attending any. (we tried) Experiences from the group?

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5.  I'm really having a tough time getting my 8yr old w/ Aspergers to keep his hands OFF everyone. I explain and remind a zillion times a day. Ideas?

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