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Monday, May 23, 2011

Understanding Aspergers Weaknesses and Finding Solutions

I have a 5 year old son recently diagnosed with Aspergers as well as ADHD. Is there anyone out there who has this and can tell me ANYTHING about how to approach him, understand his thought process, or anything else you can think of?  Thank you! I want to be the best mom to him, but because I had no clue what was going on with him, I fear I haven't. I just want to be the mom he needs me to be. Thanks again. ♥

My thoughts: 
I'm so glad you wrote me because I have the perfect resource for you that I've found really helpful.  Since posting it, so many have wrote me and commented on how they loved it's simplicity.  It's actually called "Explaining Aspergers to Your Child" but it's a list of how to recognize Aspergers.  This list also told me his sensitivities and so I could recognize them when I see it.  Sometimes when AS kids act out, while others may see a naughty kid, we know it also could be sensory overload.  When Chaz would break down I would just hold him to me, cover his ears with my arms and tell him everything is going to be okay over and over again till he calmed down.  Think of a really tight ball that needs to be unwound.  I could feel his body loosen up as he relaxed.  I also learned to ignore the looks when out in public.  I can't walk around saying over and over "Oh, my son is freaking out because he has Aspergers."  I learned to not worry so much what others think.    

For example:
  • may be sensitive to touch or loud noise
If you know that he is sensitive to sound, maybe investing in a good pair of earmuffs that can be carried in your purse for when he needs it will help.  The earmuffs I show on the left are the exact ones I have for my daughter and they also have a blue version for boys.  I can't believe how wonderful these are and they have never broken with excessive use.
  • often do not like changes in school, work, and home life routines
His teacher was able to create a visual schedule for Chaz to cross off as each activity was finished in the classroom. It listed subjects, lunch, recess, more subjects, etc.  They were in order so Chaz always knew what to expect next.  He loves his routine and it really helped to find a teacher that would be willing to accommodate that.

Anyway, here is the whole list.  I think it will really help.  I know you know what Aspergers is but this list will also help know his weaknesses.  Knowing what they struggle with can help us find solutions.

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