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Friday, May 27, 2011

Reason's for Aspergers Meltdowns

Question: Hey Asperger moms, do any of your kids who have Aspergers have meltdowns easily or get frustrated easily over little things?

Answer: BIG TIME. It gets less with age but still happens. Because of Chaz, I've learned to talk really calm when he gets upset. If I match his anxiety, it doesn't help at all.  When around other kids, it's best to take them to a different area and help them calm down.  It's difficult for Aspergers kids to calm themselves down.  Imagine a tight ball that needs unwinding.  Also, when they get their hopes up about something. They take a yes or maybe as ABSOLUTE.  Yesterday Chaz's friend told him he would probably come over to our house by 4pm.  Chaz started pacing by 1pm and constantly watched the cloth.  4pm came and went and Chaz broke down.  He cried and cried.  I felt so bad for him and held him in my arms talking calmly to him.  Besides promises, because of their sensory overload at times, it can make them have meltdowns easier.  From the feel of their clothes, to the sounds around them, it can cause meltdowns  A good book to read is Sensitive Sam because it explains this exact issue.  When it gets too noisy I can see panic in Chaz's eyes at times.  I make sure to keep his earmuffs on me at all times whether it's at the mall, big events, or even just in our family van.  Most of all, when your child does have meltdowns, don't match their anxiety because it doesn't help the situation  Remember that they can't help it and need someone to help calm them back down.  We've taught Chaz to use his words instead of his body to hit.  It's better to say "I'm angry!" then to go and hit a sibling or kick a toy.

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