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Friday, May 6, 2011

Weighted Vest Review

Sometimes I so wish I had known about products that can help Aspergers kids way back in the day when Chaz was still throwing tables and chairs in his classroom. This is one of them because I remember him telling me how he just wanted me to hold him and I even remember him trying to explain to me a feeling about floating that made him uncomfortable.  It's not too late to try this but I want to share with you.  They of course sell these in smaller sizes for younger Aspergers kids.

Fun and Function sent me a fur weighted vest for Chaz to try and to also share with you!  Well, I love it.  More importantly, so does Chaz. Chaz has never heard of a weighted vest so when it came in the mail and I pulled it out for him to see, he right away wanted to put it on.That was a relief to me because it means it doesn't make him feel self conscious.  Actually, you would never know the weights were in it just by looking at it.

The funny part is when Chaz put it on.  He said "Wow, I really like the vest but man, why is it so heavy?"  LOL. But he loves it and even asked if he could wear it at night.  He said it just comforted him and made him feel better.  Hmmm...I guess that's where those weighted blankets would come in so I'm gonna look into that next.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you the success of it.  He will be taking it with him to his classroom.

Here is the product info about it.

Calming, soothing, sooo soft and a fashion statement! Our new vest features shoulder and trunk weights on the inside and silky soft navy fur on the outside! So comfortable and fashionable that kids don't want to take them off! The 1/2 pound removable shoulder weights (two included) are perfect for deep therapeutic compression at the shoulder joints, providing proprioception. In addition to the shoulder weights the vest includes two 1/2 pound and four 1/4 pound weights that can be added to the interior vest pockets. Machine washable. Weights included (total 3 lbs). Sized by age. Small-Ages 2-4 (WR3457), Medium-Ages 5-6 (WR3459), Large-Ages 7-9 (WR3461), X-Large Ages 10-12 (WR3603).

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