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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun Incentives for Schooling Kids with #Aspergers

These last few days I've been talking with K12 and they do have a program for your special needs child.  They will be assigned a teacher than specifically works with your child's IEP plan and will modify the work around what he can handle.  That is VERY good news.  What only his teachers know about him, is it's hard to keep him on task and he will try to give up before he even really begins.  He tends to assume he can't do it as soon as he sees the first question on the assignment.  

Today he was working on his Spanish lesson and he flew through it in no time flat. You know why?  Because they made it fun and he got rewards as he worked.  In the beginning you have an avatar that you get to create.  As you complete your lessons you earn "money".  This money can buy you items for your avatar.  He so much wanted to make his avatar look cool that he did about 3 days worth of lessons and did them very well. OHHHH, if only they could do this with every lesson.  Chaz LOVES having positive reinforcement like this.  This was right down Chaz's alley.  Really, this idea works fantastic for lots of kids.  :D



Susaloo said...

Hi! My 3 1/2 yr old son Vincent was just diagnosed with Aspergers. He now qualifies for a special pre school in my area that helps kids just like him...he will also be getting PT and OT there too..all paid for by the school district..thank GOD!! What a stressful time this has been for us...but we have come to grips with it..accepted it..and we are ready to do everything and anything we can to help him. I feel really good about catching it early, but guilty because I have always had an uneasy feeling like maybe something wasn't quite right. He is a happy loving little boy, but struggles with transitioning and processing certain concepts like "Why"..or "Because"...these words are just not in his vocabulary. Everything is either black or white for him..yes or no. He doesnt care "why" and doesn't care to tell me "why" he feels a certain way..he just breaks down. I know I have a lot to learn yet, but I have learned that he needs redirection away from what is causing his meltdown in order to get him back on track. I know its only the beginning, and I have so many concerns and worries...but I also know that he has a kind soul, and is a loving sweetheart, and I pray he remains that way. This is all new to us, and to our entire extended family...and I truly believe that nobody really quite understands what aspergers parents really go through unless they experience it themselves. Its a different way of parenting, a compassionate way that some other mothers just don't get. This makes it even harder, but I am learning that I need to be what he needs me to be, and now, I wouldnt have it any other way. The love I have for this child is unmeasurable..and I will do whatever it takes to help him to be happy and have confidence in himself. My wish for him is happiness...that is my only wish. Thanks for listening..feels good to just write thoughts down sometimes. :O)

Aud Kraft said...

Have your child tested for the genetic mutation MTHFR. 90% of Autistic and Asperger people have it. It won't allow you to process folic acid properly. These are herbals like 5MTHFR and Optimized Foliate that can help and it can prevent some of the regress. I wish I had known sooner. I want doctors to start testing at birth. My son is 15 but he's been 11 for a few years now in a lot of his mentality. With the 5MTHFR he does still have maturities he obtains. I try to treat him like he is 15 because I think it's for the best. I understand the frustrations of worrying about your child's future. My son has yet to be diagnosed with aspergers. His school has suggested it for a few years now and I contested it. I felt like it was the ADD/ADHD of the 80s and 90s all over again. My school said I had ADD, I didn't but found out I had mile tourette syndrome. Anyhow I also struggle with the jerky adults that question why I'm not working. I live working, I'm a workaholic. But I put my life on hold in hopes my son can have a normal futures, or at least close to normal. When a parent gets randomly called into school all crazy times it makes it impossible to keep a steady job. I've been trying to find something that works around it but it's a struggle. So I get the struggles and concerns. Just know you are a great parent and God blessed you with your children because you were meant for them. Please look into the MTHFR genetic mutation. It can be holestically medically treated, there are prescription medications for it at this time and insurance usually will not cover it and it is costly but I've found deals online. It may be the answer to getting through a few more milestones. God bless

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