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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chaz's First Basketball Game!

Last Saturday, Chaz and I got up at 6:50am to play in his very first basketball game.  His team won 28-14.  Totally creamed the other team.  I coached it!  I had so much fun.  I was a little nervous about coaching because, although I played for a few years in school growing up, it has been quite awhile.  Not only that but I can't yell that loud so when I would have to call out to a kid, my voice wasn't loud enough.  All in all I had fun with each and every kid.  They were all beginners so I had to help them with all the aspects of basketball. Thankfully the ref had compassion and didn't call them on everything since there is just so much to learn.

The reason why I held off till now to have Chaz play was because I was unsure how he'd do in a team.  I've had him in groups before where he just wasn't mature enough to handle being around kids his age.  In the past, he had some rage issues but he's really gotten a handle on it.  It's not nearly as often anymore.  I was seriously worried, not kidding, that he might take the ball and throw it at someone in anger or do something else.  I finally decided to step out and see if he could handle it this year.  I'm telling you, he knew NOTHING about basketball and Chaz took his first game like a natural. He's only been to one practice (pic below).  Chaz scored for the team, even stole the ball a few times.  He ran in the right direction.  LOL.  You know how it is with little kids, sometimes they take the ball the wrong waydown the court. 

Chaz was so pumped up about his first game.  He JUST learned the game right then and there.  I'm telling you, he didn't even learn the game in his first and only practice.  I'm impressed how quickly he picked up on it. I was yelling and cheering along with coaching!  I was just so happy to see Chaz on a team with other kids and working with them so well. 


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Bonnie said...

That is just awesome! Way to go Chaz!

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