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Friday, February 19, 2010

White Hallways

I wrote a post in my family blog concerning Chaz's previous school he attended.  They had put him in empty hallway all year long without my knowledge.  Your thoughts?  Has this ever happened to your child with Aspergers or Autism?  Click HERE to read post.


Velvet Over Steel said...

Yes, my sons went to 6 schools. I blog about his education stories a lot. Haven't gotten to the junior high one yet, but they put him in a room with an aid, sometimes,for 3 years. No education really and no high school credits in his 9th grade year. I moved to another state and school with great special ed teachers and the best Superintendant ever! He graduated from high school with full credits last May and is not doing very well in a community college. My blog is: www.velvetoversteel.blogspot.com with the first 4 or so stories I have written so far. Hope you stop by. I am following you now and will be back soon! Any questions, etc. contact me anytime!! This is why I started a blog. :-)

faithfulma said...

HI, I dont know if you "blog awards?" I have one for you, hope you'll pop by and Accept it. I enjoy your blog.

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