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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Copying Behavior

My friends in the Asperger group on Facebook were talking about problems in school.  It really is hard in dealing with that but I think the key is the teacher.  My son has been through so many schools, it would make my head spin.  I even put him in a classroom where it was contained.  They were trained to hold the kids down and such.  The problem was that some were just really naughty kids and guess what?  Chaz copied the behavior for the whole year.  When I moved schools, I couldn't believe how I found a teacher that was trained to work with Asperger kids for 3 years!  She understood Chaz like the back of her hand.  It was amazing.  He was so calm that year that I never got called to the school the whole year. When I told the teacher was kind of classroom he was in the year prior, she said that was a big mistake.  Asperger kids tend to copy behavior and he was just copying hte other kids!  No wonder! 

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