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Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Game Obsession

We can't have video games because Chaz can't handle them.  Awhile back we had a Wii system and a Gamecube.  We even had an Xbox at one point.  Chaz would get so obsessed by it that he could hardly function.  He had no interest in eating, couldn't sleep because all he could think about was how his game day when and how it might go tomorrow, and he would pace the floor if we took away games for a few hours.  He didn't want to go anywhere, do anything.  It was so sad.  Finally, after talking to my pastor, we decided that it was best to take the games out of the house completely and make it for special occasions.  So now, we go to places that have games maybe twice a month.  Well, they make it a guy night and they have a blast. 

So yesterday I decided to give it another chance and let him play a cute little game online.  All the anxiety, all the pacing, all the behaviors came back in an instant.  When it was his brother's turn to play, Chaz would start crying.  Chaz is 9 1/2 years old but his age seems to regress around situations like this.  He was in tears and crying hard when he had to stop playing the game or wasn't getting a turn like he thought he should.  So, once again, we had to take the games away.  Not even on the computer.  If we play games at home it's board games together as a family like you see in the picture.  :)  Here we were playing Pictionary.  It's way more satisfying playing together and the kids love it!


Terra Howard said...

My 10 yr old Aspie did the same thing. We took all video games away & had the same rule for a while. Now he's only allowed to play after he's earned it & it's the 1st coveted item taken away. I have to say it's improved his attitude towards gaming. He values his time & also when the games is over he knows to "reset" & think of something else. (we use reset frequently & it REALLY works)

Accidental Expert said...

My son has the same problem. We really have to limit computer time and the Wii and other video games are now off limits because he gets so obsessed and angry if he can't do what he wants. I like the idea of game night out. We'll have to try that sometime.

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