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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Suffering from injury and my handling my gaming obsession

My friends, how has you're day been? I am currently 17's years old and this is Chaz blogging! I'm doing awesome today and I just wanted to let you know you're special, talented, gifted and a one of a kind person. They're will never be another me or you, GOD Bless you.

For a long time I've been struggling with video game obsession and I just want to let you know it's OK. I've been thinking a lot about how to deal with it and I found the solution. Jesus. I believe that video games or anything on earth will never fully satisfy me, that is why I am fasting this week. I am fasting to dedicate myself and my time to Jesus our savior and redeemer. If you're asking yourself "What is fasting?" let me help you, fasting is when you stop doing something that you really love to do, like for an addiction. What I'm doing is basically just avoiding video games this week, because I feel like its been pulling me like a magnet or just playing games just for the sake of it. What I mean is not playing for fun. 

A while back I loved to skateboard all the time, but eventually I had a bad wipe out on concrete. I fell on my left thigh and I felt a lot of pain shortly after. After awhile sitting on the couch at home I suddenly started feeling the worst pain I think I've ever felt in my life, I had to have 3 firemen carry me out to our van so I could get taken to the hospital. I spent 3 days in that hospital, after that I got sent home with a wheelchair and I was still struggling to get used to the pain. A week later I felt far worse pain then when I was at first, it felt like tiny sharp knives stabbing me in the leg and it would happen every couple seconds. I had to stay another 3 days in the hospital, crazy right? Well after that I got the miracle medicine I was praying for, but then eventually I found out the crazy side effects that came with it. after I spent those three days in the hospital the doctor told me it would take 9 months to be able to walk again, it took 1 month till I was able to walk again without pain! What a Miracle Praise GOD.

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